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Just 10 minutes from the hotel on foot, you will find yourself in the square of the semi -mountainous Perdika village (which until 1926 was called Arpitsa). It is the largest village of north west Thesprotia, and its current name is because its shape looks like a flying partridge. Its permanent residents are about 2,000 and it should be emphasized that its only settlement is Arillas.

Perdika's great privilege is that it combines mountain and sea in perfect harmony. So it is a destination for both summer and winter holidays. Perdika is worth visiting because its natural landscapes are unique, its history and monuments undoubtedly enviable, and its beaches could be described as "gift" of the Ionian Sea.


In just 15 minutes drive you will find a beautiful seaside village in southwestern Thesprotia, built in a small and closed bay (about 900 inhabitants). Many have even described it as a seaside “paradise”, since its green landscape is harmoniously tied with the blue of the sea. Its wonderfully scattered islands (the “Sivota Islands” according to Thucydides) are reminiscent of or rather have nothing to envy from similar tropical areas. The beauty of the organized beaches is unparalleled and their waters are simply crystal clear and blue.

A big advantage of Sivota is that you can enjoy food, coffee or drink overlooking the marina and the Ionian Sea. We are talking about the most cosmopolitan place of the area and not only.


About 20 minutes drive from the hotel you will discover picturesque Parga. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations and for a reason. Parga’s amphitheatrical shape, the beautiful traditional alleys and the Venetian castle at the top, make it unique in all of Greece.

Guests that visit Parga for the first time, feel like they are on a picturesque Greek island. The enchanting harbour is harmoniously combined with the scattered islands, in many of which you can find beautiful small chapels. It is also an ideal destination because of the beautiful beaches that surround it, as well as for the wide variety of traditional fish taverns and cafes that you will find everywhere around.


Just 8 minutes drive from the hotel, you will find Karavostasi beach. It is a very large organized beach, with white sand and deep blue cool waters, which deepen sharply, that is why it is preferred mainly by adults. It is no coincidence that many identify Perdika with the image of this beach. It has an amazing landscape and that is why it has been selected several times for filming and commercials.

In Karavostasi you will find sun parasols for relaxing, coffee, food or snacks in taverns.


Arilla Beach is only a 5 minute drive away. It is a windless organized beach, with fine sand and crystal clear waters. It is ideal and preferable for families with children, as it is very shallow. It is surrounded by a very picturesque landscape, which is enhanced by the existence of a port for boats, where many visitors stop and enjoy the beach.

In this beach you will find sunbeds with full service (coffee, snacks, beach games), as well as various taverns with fresh fish. It is very easy to reach the beach, it is very accessible and has parking space.

Agia Paraskevi

On your way to Sivota and at a distance of about 8 minutes by car, stands another one of the famous beaches of Perdika.

Agia Paraskevi is a beautiful beach with small pebbles and gravel in the middle of literally green landscape, also featured for the small island that lays in the middle. Of course you can visit the island by swimming. It rarely is wavy and at the beginning of the beach you will find the chapel of Agia-Paraskevi.

It is highly organized as it offers sunbeds, parasols and various beach-bars, where you can enjoy snacks, drinks or coffee.

Ancient Elina

Dymokastro (twin castle) or Ancient Elina, is located 8 km. Southwest of Perdika, just above Karavostasi beach.

It is a fortified coastal settlement of 220 acres that experienced great prosperity during the Hellenistic period. When we refer to this citadel, we are essentially talking about the ancient city of Elina.

It is worth seeing what has been found so far through the excavations, though the trail that leads there from Karavostasi is relatively rough. However, the new asphalted road gives the visitor much easier access to the site. The unique and magnificent view of the Ionian Sea, Paxos and Corfu, will surely reward you.